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About Ayse Nur Iyiler

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Consultant, Trainer & Speaker

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Ayse Nur Iyiler is a senior consultant and trainer in travel & tourism industry with 22 years of experience.

Graduated from Notre Dame de Sion French High School, she got her university degree at Bosphorous University at Sociology Faculty.

Ayse Nur Iyiler debuted her career at Ottoman Bank at the corporate/commercial marketing, credits and sales & marketing departments. The Banque Paribas team trained her for 2 years and she got specialised in marketing and project management.

Following the acquisition of Ottoman Bank by Dogus Inc. Ayse Nur Iyiler pursued her career on corporate marketing and large scale credits departments for 9 years. She switched to Demirbank and took an active role in the team responsible for the incorporation of the bank to HSBC. As a member of due diligence team, she continued working on the commercial banking department.

Throughout her 11 years of banking career, she attended various corporate trainings and got certificates on marketing & sales, branding, project management as well as business development.

In 2003, Ayse Nur Iyiler has left the banking career and stepped into a new field: tourism industry. She founded Ayer Tourism (accredited travel agency) focusing on event & corporate tourism services for domestic and international companies. Throughout the years, Ayer Tourism has expanded its boundaries and included 3 brands to its structure: Ayer House Apart, Event Academy and HealthInTurkey.

Ayse Nur Iyiler was one of the first to believe in the development of the health tourism sector and took an active role within the sector from 2008. She pioneered in moving the health tourism to decision-making positions in the country.

She was the chairwoman of TURSAB (Turkey Travel Agencies Association) Health Tourism Committee for three terms (2008-2014) and was an active member of the Health Tourism Business Council within DEİK. (Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey). She represented Turkey on the Health Tourism field throughout her domestic and international business trips

She carried out HealthinIstanbul Project, a web portal focused on the Health Tourism. It is designed with an innovative and creative approach based on informatics in the field of health tourism, taking into account web marketing dynamics. HealthInIstanbul Project brought together health tourists, hospitals and doctors, hotels and assistance services primarily in a virtual environment where the customers could perform all their operations online.This project created for the ISTKA (Istanbul Development Agency) has been approved to be supported among the Financial Support Programs in 2014

Ayse Nur Iyiler has participated various congress & events in the field of tourism as guest speaker and contributor. Since 2003, she continues her work as a consultant specialised on the global health tourism as well as sustainable tourism. Her consultancy services are mainly targeted to the companies, investors, travel agencies, hospitals and governmental organisations who are willing to get focused on the branding, project management, sustainability, project development and investment locally and internationally.

Fluent in English and French, Ayse Nur Iyiler aims to contribute to the sustainable development of tourism industry and to develop an ecological approach to tourism marketing

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