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Clavis Blog is designed to analyse the latest news in tourism industry. You will find new trends, unexplored destinations, local and foreign tourism investments, recommendations, opportunities.

Ayse Nur Iyiler is the author of the blog and she shares her own knowledge and analyses various subjects with her professional point of view. With her 22 years of experience in banking and tourism sectors, she follows the industry updates as well as the new developments and investment projects.  

Following the pandemic, with the changing requirements of the customers, the tourism industry is changing its values and needs to adopt a new strategy. Adopting new approach, discovering new destinations, better understanding of customer expectations, what and how to do ideas are studied meticulously at the blog articles published twice per month 

clavis blog author

Clavis Blog Author: Ayse Nur Iyiler

Ayse Nur Iyiler writes her articles with an impartial eye with her professional approach. She studies the growing markets and analyses the new opportunities as product and destination development. Underlining sustainability in tourism, she discovers new destinations where local people will benefit from this approach. The international tourism industry is another important headline of which Ayse Nur Iyiler publishes articles. You will find all the trends, improvements, novelties, investments in the world and you will be notified with your free subscription.  If you have a special subject to be discovered just don't hesitate to contact. Your ideas are the most valuable. 

Clavis Blog Articles


Global Sustainable Tourism

“What is the GSTC Global Sustainable Tourism Education program, one of the tourism industry’s most significant trainings, and what are its added values?”

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strategies and marketing in medical tourism
Business Marketing

Marketing in Medical Tourism

Marketing in Medical Tourism is one of the most important headlines for tourism industry. A marketing strategy supported with correct planning and effective methods is

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Tourism After Covid 19

Tourism is one of the first and most affected industries touched by Coronavirus. In order to promote tourism after Covid 19 new regulations should be

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