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With a 22 years of experience, Ayse Nur Iyiler is a sector professional specialized on consultancy services to investors and business owners in the field of tourism project development, hospitality investments, marketing and sales in tourism industry.

Clavis consulting solutions are based on ongoing research, practical advice and constantly developing new applications and methods

Clavis reflects current applications to the projects by taking part in sectoral investment opportunities, leader projects and developments not only in Turkey but also in international markets.Clavis gives support at all stages to foreign investors who want to come to Turkey from abroad and to our country’s investors who want to expand abroad in respect of developing their projects and creating new business opportunities and partnerships.

By virtue of its global communication network, Clavis carries out the project-based works on behalf of customers both in Turkey and all over the world.

In all her works,  Ayse Nur Iyiler aims to contribute to the sustainable development of tourism industry and to develop the ecological approach to tourism marketing.

clavis consultancy services global health tourism

Global Health Tourism Consulting

Creating sales potential of health services from target countries within the scope of medical thermal & wellness and geriatric tourism

Mice Management Consulting

Consultancy & training with research services for tourism companies and all MICE sector stakeholders willing to invest or develop their existing business.

clavis consultancy services for mice
clavis consultancy services for product development

Product Development & Marketing

Consultancy services aiming remodelling the resources of a destination to meet the requirements of international and domestic customers.

Sustainable Tourism Consultancy Services

Consultancy services for tourism industry focused on building a successful organization responsible to environment 

clavis consultancy services for trainings

Training & Workshops

Consultancy services based on M.I.C.E and global health tourism industry emphasizing on new trends & developments of the tourism industry

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