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Global Health Tourism Consultancy

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Global Health Tourism Consultancy is aimed to promote the brand, to carry out the operation, to create a sales potential of health services from target countries within the scope of medical, thermal & wellness tourism and third age tourism. A project plan is developed in accordance with the structure and branches of the brand taking into consideration the various aspects and dynamics of the industry.

Traveling for health is not new behavior. For centuries, people have been traveling to areas they believe in and trust in seeking treatment for their illnesses. The pursuit of health or, more holistically, the pursuit of well-being has become more important as the welfare of societies has increased. Over time, the meanings attributed to travel habits began to diversify. In this sense, health tourism has come to the fore as a type of tourism in the dynamism of the international tourism sector over the years. Now, people want to have different experiences while traveling and to contribute to themselves personally. For this reason, international health tourism mobility (medical tourism, wellness-spa tourism and third age tourism) is increasing day by day.

Clavis Consulting believes that every destination and every project with health tourism potential has a unique potential and works with its solution partners to add value to them. The brands and reputations of healthcare providers such as hotels, spas, health centers and hospitals, clinics, doctors, destinations are all valuable. Clavis consulting produces projects for health tourism industry stakeholders to become a successful and sustainable brand in the international market. 

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Clavis Consulting takes into account both global trends and local characteristics in project studies. While following all technological and medical developments in the health sector, it develops its approach in this direction by highlighting the most important factor of the sector, the human being. Medical tourism includes diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation while focusing on receiving medical treatment services. Wellness tourism, on the other hand, aims at a general improvement and balance in people’s lives, including physical, mental and emotional. Older wise people also aim to improve their health and enrich their personal experiences with third-age tourism. 

While Clavis produces special studies for healthcare providers and destinations in all areas of health tourism, in some cases it creates niche projects by making use of the common intersections of these areas. It produces special programs and niche projects for the sector with design approaches such as “Medical Wellness”.

Clavis Consultancy works on designing and managing the goals of becoming a sustainable brand for intermediary institutions, tourism agencies , health institutions , doctors, clinics and entrepreneurs who want to be active in health tourism in Turkey and abroad.

Who Can Benefit From Global Health Consultancy ?

Institutions, organizations, tourism agencies as well as governments aiming to become a sustainable brand abroad in health tourism will benefit from all the knowledge, experience and international communication network of Ayse Nur Iyiler.

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