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Thermal Tourism & Spa Wellness Consultancy

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Thermal Tourism with Spa & Wellness is becoming one of the most important areas of tourism due to the increasing volume of customers who are more conscious about health and well being. Furthermore as the pandemic being a trigger to remind how health is the most important, it is obvious that the thermal tourism with spa & wellness will be more demanded with the coming years.

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Clavis Consultancy For Thermal Tourism & Spa Wellness

Clavis provides consultancy services to tourism agencies, hotels, thermal and spa centers, other healthcare sector stakeholders and local administrations within the scope of thermal and wellness tourism.

Clavis Consultancy is aware that health or, more holistically, well-being are increasingly becoming a goal for people. Consumers are looking for alternatives that will contribute to their health while traveling. Taking advantage of the healing power of thermal waters and wellness programmes contribute to health.

Target Markets of Clavis Thermal Tourism & Spa Wellness Consultancy

Clavis focuses on all areas of health and wellness, and offers healthy living alternatives from our country to those traveling for health at home and abroad. Destinations, hotels, spas or hospitals, healthcare products and service providers are in the business of creating and selling well-being and health-enhancing experiences. These experiences are very personal. In this sense, you can carry out “Product and Experience Development” based works with Clavis. While defining, developing and implementing wellbeing experience (WX) programs and products, we contribute to destinations and providers (such as hotels, wellness centers) with our consultancy service. Our understanding of service design stems from our way of working with a user experience (UX) focus in thermal, wellness and spa environments.

Long-term successes in health-oriented tourism are based on the regional wealth. In order for a wellness project to be sustainable as well as successful, Clavis acts with the awareness of taking both global trends and local characteristics seriously. It evaluate the relationships between health tourism and hotel management for its customers, and provides market information reports.

Headlines of Thermal Tourism & Spa Wellness Consultancy Services

  • A new concept : “Medical Wellness”
  • Marketing and sales
  • Target market strategies and positioning the service in the target market the way to become an international brand.
  • Branding abroad and the way to become an international brand
  • Product development
  • Operation process planning
  • Tourism Services
  • Event marketing and networking strategies
  • International project development and finance
  • Determination of cures and treatment programs
  • Agreements with international insurance companies for thermal resorts
  • Determining the infrastructure needs in line with the targets
  • Social media and digital marketing strategy
  • Process management related to incentives
  • Training

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