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Third Age Tourism Geriatrics Consultancy

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Third age tourism comes into prominence as the world population is getting older. With the increasing number of elderly people travelling for health, geriatrics tourism takes an important part within health tourism industry and its market is expanding significantly.

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Third Age Tourism and Clavis Consultancy

Clavis supports the tourism sector and indirectly the sectors that work with it, especially with its project-based and target audience-oriented work on the creation of services and products for third age travelers Aged people are knowledgeable travelers who want to enjoy relaxing activities both while developing their interests and actively participating in the development of the places they visit. Older people are looking for destinations with a high quality environment combining health care and tourism. Clavis supports the creation of a network of facilities and professionals offering quality services and products based on health, nature and recreation.

Headlines of Third Age Tourism Consultancy Services

Clavis works by networking hotels, restaurants, rural farms, spas and CSOs , health professionals and general tourism professionals to meet the needs of third-age tourists and create a complete tourism product. It conveys the knowledge of internationally accepted methods used in the care and treatment of the elderly, and develops therapies and activities based on specific resources in different regions. All of these contribute to rural development and sustainable tourism.

Consultancy is provided under the main headings of marketing, operations and infrastructure strategies so that resorts,investors, tourism agencies who want to appeal to this age group and want to invest in this field to become an international brand , can get a share from the international market. What needs to be done in the resorts and life centers is planned according to the results based on clear researches on what the needs of this age group are. For identifying the needs of older people in the social and cultural activities we have to take into consideration sociological research. Practices in the world and the incentives provided by the states as well as insurance companies to their citizens in geriatrics are followed.

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