Coronavirus Earthquake Shaking The World

Coronavirus is like an earthquake that shakes the whole world… Sudden and destructive.

Whether spread to our lives from an animal market or produced in a laboratory, coronavirus consequently affected our lives greatly both in a sociocultural and economical way and also, infected the politics of the world countries.

We see that as both individuals and politicians, we have found ourselves in a chaos that we could only watch in science fiction scenarios. And when the first shock was overcome, the existing orders in our world were also questioned.

With the onset of the normalization process after the coronavirus, there will be a need to review the systems that has always pushed the individuals and economies aggressively upward. Neoliberalism can be questioned at this stage and a new socio-economic order may be needed. At this stage, the spotlight will shine on the perception that a sustainable and accessible health system is the basic need and right.

Effects of Coronavirus On The Economy

Issues such as free trade and globalization among countries make it difficult for each country to decide on many critical issues on their own. When the coronavirus first appeared, if countries could close their borders to any flo, this virus would have not spread that much and there would not be this many lost lives. But of course, because the economies of the countries are so interconnected and perhaps dependent, this method could not be applied immediately. The way global economy functions liberates us, enriches us, feeds us but the day comes and it becomes the chains around us.

So how will it be like after this? Will there be a demand for softer management models, where ecology and health are more prominent without damaging the way global and national economies function?

The management of the health system in conjunction with the coronovirus, as well as the organization of socio-economic regulations, are interrelated. The effects of coronavirus once again revealed overall inequality around the world. It had different results in different economic segments of the society. Actually, there is also a conflict here. This coronavirus did not distinguish between social and economic statuses until the severity of the incident was understood. However, once the situation was understood, the wealthier people took advantage of the wide range of opportunities they had to protect themselves more comfortably.

As CNN stated in their article dated April 26 2020;

While billionaires isolate themselves at luxurious hideaways on the Mediterranean during coronavirus outbreak , residents in deprived and crowded areas of France are now facing a surge in deaths, along with unrest on the streets… It is basically impossible to practice social distancing in Hong Kong’s cage homes


hong kong cubicle home


Covid19 and Politics

Leaders will be evaluated in line with the political / economic decisions and behaviours they have taken during Coronavirus Pandemic. Leaders who fail to respond to the new order, demands and needs will be left behind. With the expectation of an optimistic scenario, let us hope that all the leaders will start a harmonious and a real cooperation for maintaining the balance of the world. The world belongs to all of us, it is not held by the monopoly of any nation or any privileged group, and an imbalance that may occur in a region of the world can absorb all nations. In fact, we always knew this, but to fully experience and see the painful consequences of it creates a quite different perception.

What To Expect After Coronavirus ?

• With the shrinking economy, the unemployment numbers will increase, and work safety will gain importance.
• The issue of providing a free medical service for all individuals for a fully equipped healthcare will gain a vital importance on account of “health is happiness and the most basic need” perception.
• With the digitalization of education and business lives, remote working systems will occur more consciously and eagerly. It will be on the agenda of companies and even country leaders to include Risk Management in their management policies and invest in this area.
• With the increasing importance of technology and digitalization, the issue of providing some services (such as the internet) to all individuals in a democratic way and free of charge will be on the agenda.
• We will witness the rise of some sectors, such as Technology, Healthcare, Agriculture and Food… And we will witness the dramatical changes in the ways some sectors function. Perhaps we will experience the most important implementation changes, in the service sector, especially in banking and tourism. And countries will now pay more attention and provide more resources to their own national researches and development activities.
• From now on, leaders will be asked to make a sincere effort to protect the balance of the nature, as well as the health and peace of communities, along with their economic well-being. In this context, instead of putting environmental pollution and climate change issues on the summit agendas only as a show, global protection and development programs must be developed. Private and public organizations as well as travellers should be much more concentrated to the sustainable development of tourism.

Have Our Perceptions Changed ?

As for us individuals, we should be able to develop an awareness on issues such as health and economic well-being related to our own happiness being very related to the fact that others have the same fundamental rights and well-being elements, and that we ought to share this not only with our country’s citizens but with citizens of all countries of the world. In this way, we can be more sharing, understanding and happy.
Besides all of this, of course, as a bad scenario, we can see others as a threat to ourselves from the traumatic consequences of social isolation effects and we can be more withdrawn.

But lets support the alternative international sense of unity that can be strengthened between people . No one should marginalize anyone.Consequently, this coronavirus crisis has shown us that all the individuals and nations of the world may need each other in an unexpected moment by experiencing devastating losses