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Mice Management Consultancy is an integral advice on the direction and management Mice projects with strategic planning and feasibility studies. Although the Mice sector is in difficulty due to the pandemic, its contribution the general economy is too important to be neglected. On the other hand, when it’s managed properly, it supports local development and provides inputs to many sectors such as technology, digital applications, human resources, food and beverage industry and entertainment sector.

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Clavis Consultancy For Mice Management

Ayse Nur Iyiler and her team have successfully organized MICE activities of many national and international companies, associations and organizations since 2003. Important projects were developed. With this experience Clavis Consultancy provides consultancy, training and research services for tourism companies and all MICE sector stakeholders who want to invest and grow in this sector.

Clavis Consulting is opening up new market opportunities in the field of meetings, events and congress sector. It supports industry stakeholders to become an international brand in MICE tourism in a global competitive environment. Clavis contributes to industry entrepreneurs who want to become a Corporate Congress Organizer or meeting event venue or planner who professionally manages and realizes the meeting, event or congress organization. In addition, Clavis offers training programs that develop critical business skills for industry employees and executives. Clavis tracks worldwide destinations, new trends in the event and meeting industry, and informs its customers

Headlines of Mice Management Consultancy

For industry stakeholders

  • Marketing and sales
  • the way to become an international brand
  • Destination marketing
  • International models of events and meetings
  • Developing all feasibility, infrastructure, operations, marketing and sales strategies for municipalities, cities and countries that want to bring themselves to the forefront in MICE tourism
  • Operational as well as marketing and sales projects for hotels with congress and event venues

For events, meeting and congress organizations.

  • Planning, organization and communication
  • Marketing and sales
  • Creating concepts and developing innovative projects
  • Developing sales and revenue strategies , financial process managemen
  • Project finance
  • Feasibility plans
  • Developing unique tailored MICE solutions to corporate or commercial companies that organize meetings and events for their employees and sales network
  • Developing event-specific MICE solutions
  • Developing value added services for the sector.
  • Developing new processes to increase quality and efficiency, following the latest technological needs to develop suitable solutions.
  • Digital applications and process management
  • Creating virtual events
  • Comprehensive advice on the organization of mega events.

For Whom Is The Consultancy Service?

  • Tourism agencies and event companies that want to invest in the MICE sector or aim to grow in this field.
  • Exhibition and congress centers, hotels with congress and event facilities.
  • Municipalities that want to bring themselves to the front in tourism and MICE sector. (Destination management and marketing)
  • Convention and visitors bureau.
  • Professional organizations
  • Public institutions and organizations
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