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Product Development & Marketing Strategies

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Product development in tourism is the process by which the resources of a destination are shaped to meet the requirements of international and domestic customers.

It is possible to be successful in the tourism sector where competition is intense, by keeping the market alive and offering new products to the market. The stages of developing new products in tourism or introducing this product to the market by making changes and improvements on the existing product are possible by applying effective marketing and sales strategies as in other products.

Clavis Consultancy For New Product Development

Clavis Consultancy works with industry leaders and stakeholders, entrepreneurs,non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and government agencies within the scope of new product development, improvement and marketing strategies for the tourism sector.

The rapidly increasing competition in the world has made it obligatory to constantly renew tourism and to develop a conscious and correct strategy in marketing and to gain a place in the market.

In order for tourist destinations and all sector stakeholders (hotels, agencies…) to be advantageous over their competitors in the tourism sector, it is necessary to diversify touristic products and introduce new products to the market. This situation makes it necessary to use strong marketing strategies in tourism with new developed skills.

Headlines of Product Development Consultancy Services

  • Business & MICE
  • Health tourism
  • Events and festivals
  • Cruises
  • Leisure, holiday
  • Sports and Activities
  • Urban/City
  • Nature/Eco-tourism
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Community-based/Rural

are the main headlines where Clavis offers solutions for exploring and / or expanding business within tourism industry. As a prominent member of Turkish tourism and travel industry, Ayse Nur Iyiler shares her know how and expertise with the industry professionals aiming to develop strong strategies and widen their business. 

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