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Destination Management Consultancy

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Destination management and marketing is a complex subject that requires a comprehensive, holistic and systematic approach. Public and private sector cooperation is extremely important in the destination development and planning process. The involvement of the local people in the process will make the projects long-term reliable and support regional development.

Tourism products add value to destinations. However, in this process, local societies have the responsibility of developing products by considering the social-cultural structure and environment. Otherwise, tourism can lead to problems such as environmental pollution, unconscious consumption of resources, damage to the ecosystem, and inability of living local people to develop. However, destinations managed and developed with a sustainable tourism approach will contribute to both their own economy and the country’s economy as a whole. Tourism destinations managed with the understanding of sustainability in tourism will be economically and socially enriching for the people of the region as well as for the sector enterprises.

The number of travelers who aim to have new experiences and contribute to their health and personal development while traveling is increasing day by day. Following the new trends, habits and changing travel behaviors in the world is a necessity not only for destination marketing and management, but also for all tourism sector studies.

Clavis Consultancy For Destination Management & Marketing

Clavis helps destinations define, develop, and implement their unique value and potential to offer experiences in health and travel.
In this process, Clavis carries out all coordination with public institutions, local governments, tourism stakeholders and the working system with the regional people.

Clavis Development Strategy

Clavis Destination Development Strategy consists of :

  • Feasibility
  • Action plan
  • Development Application Support
  • Monitoring and Impact Assessment
  • Concept Definition

Headlines of Destination Marketing & Management Consultancy

Clavis consultancy acts with a sustainable tourism approach in both destination marketing & management and all tourism product development activities:

  • Sustainable and responsible development (Respecting the natural and socio-cultural environment)
  • Diversification of products and markets (Seasonality reduction)
  • Innovation and originality in product types being developed
  • Regional tourism development (Spreading of socio-economic benefits)
  • Differentiation ( Of sufficient scale to make meaningful contribution
  • Supported by individuals

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