Tourism After Covid 19

Tourism is one of the first and most affected industries touched by Coronavirus. In order to promote tourism after Covid 19 new regulations should be supported by by international consensus and sincerity

Tourism is a sector that brings people and cultures together.  You travel, discover new cultures, meet people, develop relationships, learn and experience. Or you just relax and have fun doing nothing.

In all types of tourism such as cultural tourism, gastronomic tourism, health tourism, business trips, event-congress tourism, etc. the most basic need is trust and freedom. But these are completely opposite to the feelings of fear and insecurity that we felt during the Pandemic. Tourism after Covid 19 should be redesigned for travellers, to make them feel safe and free in every sense. Otherwise there will be no travel, no tourism. 

How To Promote Tourism After Covid 19

As preparations are made for the new normal life in order to revitalize the economy around the world, everyone is curious about how tourism activities will be revived and how individuals will react to the decisions taken about tourism after Covid 19

It is necessary to place a sense of sincerity in the middle of all measures. These measures will not be successful and sustainable if the purpose is only volume creation in the economy. If individuals and/or institutions believe that they are valued and their health is prioritized, they will put travel back on their agenda and, most importantly, they will be willing to comply with the measures.

Measures After Coronavirus

All stakeholders in the tourism sector (hotels, agencies, tour operators, transportation companies, guides, airlines, etc.) should cooperate and guide to promote the health and safety of both tourists and their own employees; standardization should be established and work should be done with health authorities in doing so. The action plans and measures for tourism after Covid 19 should be applicable both nationally and internationally. In order for the tourism sector to make a sustainable opening in our new normal lives, the basic steps to be taken should be taken worldwide and supported by a common reconciliation platform between public and private sector tourism stakeholders.

The Recovery of Tourism After Covid 19

While doing all this, precautions should be taken to protect the nature and even to ensure its recovery. Nature does not need humans, but we all need nature. It is actually a social responsibility of the tourism sector that everyone pays attention to nature. 

Individuals should also comply with new rules and guidance when traveling. They should not be in a vacuum against themselves or nature.

Each travel business should renew itself in parallel with the measures taken to prevent the spread of the virus and make it suitable for the situation.

Especially in our new normal life, businesses that can produce contactless and digital solutions will come to the forefront.

The tourism after Covid 19 should be configured to take care of the protection of human health and the ecosystem in all kinds of activities while mediating the travel of individuals. Sustainable tourism should now be more on our agenda both as individuals and as tourism sector stakeholders.

In our new normal life all over the world, individuals will feel safe and start to travel if all public and private organizations reveal their contributions with a common tourism consciousness. The world needs it, too. If the Covid 19 is the problem of the whole world and if there is unity of cultures and people at the heart of tourism then travellers and tourism sector need applicable, sincere and reassuring rules together with the international guidance.