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Health Tourism Training & Workshops

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Health tourism training is the key to the successful development and management of health tourism. It is a method to perceive new ideas, opportunities and trends to be adapted and converted to destinations and service providers. Health tourism training offers solutions for implementing these approaches at the local and international levels.

The responsibilities and activities of a destination management center and the responsibilities and activities of a hotel, wellness, thermal center or a hospital or, for example, a facility for the elderly are different. The training needs of the actors in the sector have common points, as well as differing needs. Therefore, Clavis Consultancy develops special models for different training needs as well as common training subjects in the sector.

health tourism training workshops and seminars

Health Tourism Training at Clavis Consultancy

Clavis Consultancy knows that the success of healthcare related services and health tourism depends heavily on human capital. Clavis organizes special programs for the related industry; for tourism agencies, hotels and resorts, hospitals, associations and public institutions, destinations in the breakdown of health tourism branches (medical tourism, thermal, spa & wellness tourism and third age tourism)

Headlines of Health Tourism Workshops & Seminars

  • An overview of sector and place of Turkey in health tourism
  • Being an international brand in health tourism
  • Strategies for determining target markets in health tourism
  • Marketing and sales strategies in health tourism
  • Preparation of tourism services and package programs in health tourism
  • Agency – Hospital relations process management
  • Service expectations of medical tourism guests and content of the services to be offered.
  • Profitability and payment methods in health tourism
  • Working with insurance companies 
  • Second opinion services in health tourism
  • Establishing post-treatment follow-up programs 
  • The future of health tourism
  • Sustainability in health tourism and its implementation

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